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NOVADURAN can be recycled

NOVADURAN can be recycled

Aug 11,2020
Points of recycling
NOVADURAN can be recycled, but it might cause trouble if the direction is not good. As stated above, PBT
will degrade in physicality by causing hydrolysis if heat history is received without enough drying, so the drying of
fractured product need to be well considered when recycling. Also, in the case of GF reinforced grade, GF
fracture will occur when pulverizing, and degrade in strength when recycling tend to be bigger than the
unreinforced grade. Figure 4-1 to 4-8 indicate examples of physicality change when recycled NOVADURAN is
Recycled material ratio of about 30% is possible in general NOVADURAN molding, if the direction is good
enough. If recycled material ratio goes over 30% or the water control of the recycled material is not good,
problem such as crack might occur. If the molded product is thin or have complex structure, often the mold
temperature will be high and large molding machine will be used, physicality degradation tend to occur when
molding, even if the drying is enough. 
Figure 4-1 Tensile strength degradation of 5010R5 by recycling

 Figure 4-2 Tensile strain decrease in 5010R5 by recycling 

Figure 4-3 Viscosity degradation of 5010R5 by recycling
Figure 4-4 Impact strength degradation of 5010G30 by recy
Figure 4-5 Tensile strength degradation of 5010G30 by recycling
Figure 4-6 Tensile strain decrease in 5010G30 by recycling
Figure 4-7 Flexural strength degradation of 5010G30 by recycling
Figure 4-8 Flexural elasticity degradation of 5010G30 by recycling