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New Era Securities - Machinery industry: Optimistic injection molding machine

New Era Securities - Machinery industry: Optimistic injection molding machine

Sep 17,2020
      Portfolio Current recommendation: Tuo Star (42.880, -0.73, -1.67%) (300607) core companies: Tuo Star (13.420, 0.77, 6.09%) (300415), Tuo Star, Eston (18.720, 0.47, 2.58%) (002747), Kele Electromechanical (44.510, 0.51, 1.16%) (603960), Kueck Shares (27.870, 0.29, 1.05%) (603203), Kore Technology (24.030,0.21, 0.88%) (002957), Kosen Technology (16.550, -0.50, -2.93%) (603626), Seton Stock (54.390, 0.22, 0.41%) (603283), Bojie Stock (77.600, 0.12, 0.15%) (002975), Pilot Intelligence (47.430, 0.23, 0.49%) (300450), Hangke Technology (56.190, 0.35, 0.63%), Jingsheng Electromechanical (32.770,2.83, 9.45% (300316), CNC (72.870, -0.18, -0.25%) (603185) L This week investment view: positive injection molding machine, Apple industrial chain recovery, 5G base station to stimulate the demand for machine tools 

     1) continue to be optimistic about the injection molding machine industry.Benefiting from the epidemic, medical needs (thermogun, ventilator, etc.) and household appliances (domestic small household appliances, foreign white electricity) broke out, and orders for corresponding injection molding machines were flourishing.In addition, in 5G mobile phone promotion phase, operators will ship more low-end customized models, and injection molding machines will be used in plastic, plastic + glass and MIM processes, benefiting domestic manufacturers more.Benefit target: Yi Zhi Mi (A share injection molding machine leader), Haitian International (domestic injection molding machine leader).

      2) Continue to be optimistic about the recovery of apple's industrial chain.Apple has a full plan for new products. From high-end AirPodsStudio and AirPodsX to AppleGlass and 5G mobile phones, overlays of AirPods headphones will no longer come with factory standard. It is optimistic that its industrial chain will be the first to recover.In order to disperse supply chain risks, Apple has the demands of supporting OEM factories in Mainland China, such as Lixun Precision (53.680, -0.51, -0.94%) (002475), and domestic automation companies benefit from it. The beneficiary target: Tuo Star (an important strategic partner of Lixun Precision, with sufficient orders).3)5G base station drives the outbreak of machine tool demand.Miniaturized metal filters occupy a relatively large market in 5G communication equipment, with a large number of drilling tapping and thin-walled parts with high precision requirements, and strong demand for CNC machine tools;AAU is one of the large components of 5G base station and plays a key role in heat dissipation, water resistance and dust prevention.Its shell size, high machining precision requirements, large stroke CNC machine tool demand.Beneficiaries: Huadong Heavy Machinery (4.990, -0.01, -0.20%) (002685), Jingsheng Intelligent machinery (10.450, 0.43, 4.29%) (300083), Haitian Jinggong (12.800, 0.15, 1.19%) (601882).

      Automation of industry information: Robot (15.700, 0.51, 3.36%) industry financing inventory in May 2020.Before and after the epidemic, robots have shown great anti-epidemic value, which has a great stimulating effect on the development of the robot industry.In May, more than a dozen companies in China's robotics sector received financing from various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, logistics and industry.

      Lithium battery equipment: China Power (17.800, -0.05, -0.28%) (600482) Battery enterprise export acceleration, good equipment demand.From January to April of 2020, Ningde Times (198.400, 6.14, 3.19%) (300750) exported lithium ion batteries to nearly 1.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 350.4%.In 2019, ningde Era's overseas revenue reached 2 billion yuan, up 91.6% year on year.In the new round of global power battery production capacity new infrastructure, the power battery and industrial chain enterprises in China have a greater say, which is good for the lithium battery equipment demand.

     Photovoltaic equipment: The first batch of 9.04GW photovoltaic projects in all provinces and cities passed the preliminary examination.By May 29, eight provinces and cities in Tianjin, Inner Mongolia autonomous Region, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Ningxia have completed the preliminary review and review of some projects, involving a total of 497 renewable energy projects, of which the photovoltaic project has a total scale of 9040MW.
Risk reminder: Due to the outbreak, the downstream automation demand recovery is not as expected, and the industry competition is intensified