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Guangdong "three projects" open up a new path to success skills become a new pursuit of youth

Guangdong "three projects" open up a new path to success skills become a new pursuit of youth

Sep 27,2020
Guangdong "three projects" open up a new path to success skills become a new pursuit of youth
      Many landmarks in China, including the Guangzhou Tower, lit up on Sunday to mark the one-year countdown to the 46th World Skills Competition.Under the promotion of guangdong's "three projects", Guangdong, known as the "one banner" of national technical education, is accelerating the deep integration of industrial development and technical personnel training, so as to realize the common growth of "Guangdong technicians" and Guangdong manufacturing.Today, in the land of Southern Guangdong, groups of young artisans build their careers with skills and pursue their dreams on the New road to Penkang to serve the motherland.

      From a novice in the face of machine mistakes to winning in the World Championship, to the present coach leading the team members to compete in the World Championship, the Guangdong World Championship champion brothers Zhang Zhikun and Zhang Zhibin, you chase me and encourage each other on the way to pursue your dreams.

   "When I was a child, my family was in poor conditions. My parents went out to work. From the age of five or six, they helped my grandmother to cut wood and plant rice seedlings. Because of my poor grades in cultural classes, I felt like I was once a student abandoned by the teacher." Zhang Zhikun said. At this moment, the success of skills opened up another possibility in their lives. On the road of learning skills, the two brothers gradually explored their own direction.

   "Learning skills has not only improved our family conditions, but also changed our lives." said the brothers. Now, Zhang Zhikun and Zhang Zhibin have become teachers in the Additive Manufacturing and Plastic Mould Projects of Guangdong Mechanical Technician College. Zhang Zhibin said: "Do your best to teach skills so that students can avoid detours. We must continue to persevere in skills learning and carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship."

In Lianzhang Village, Lianjiangkou Town, Yingde City, villager trainee Lu Tianling learned classic dishes such as "Guangdong White Sliced ​​Chicken" and "Perilla Snail Braised Duck" from the training class. He took advantage of his own free space to initially establish a farmhouse. The phone orders continue, and the business situation is significantly better than before the training. Lu Tianling hopes that in the future, it can also promote the employment of villagers in the village, drive the whole village to become rich, and realize the revitalization and development of the village.

   Xie Junxian, an outstanding graduate of Guangzhou Light Industry Technician College, is the founder of the "Lu Ye" gourmet restaurant in Guangzhou. After graduating in 2015, with a deep feeling for roasting meat and optimistic about the development prospects of the catering industry and Cantonese cuisine, he opened a "Lu Ye" roasting gourmet restaurant, studying and inheriting the essence of Cantonese cuisine culture and roasting craftsmanship, and developing Cantonese cooking skills Wings to realize its entrepreneurial dream.

   Make a living by skill, based on ingenuity. With the continuous advancement of Guangdong's "Three Projects", a large number of skilled dream chasers have come to the new track, continue to run towards a better life, and keep moving forward.

   Build a competition system to cultivate skilled talents

   "Thousands of jobs are good, but one craftsman is hard to find." In the new era, the training of craftsmen is no longer simple and simple, but focuses on building a high-quality skilled team and creating more "big country craftsmen!".

   Guangdong in July, the sun is scorching. Guangdong's skills industry has ushered in numerous heat waves. First, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a heroic post to skilled talents across the country: With the approval of the State Council, starting from 2020, my country will host the People’s Republic of China Vocational Skills Competition every two years and announce that the first Vocational Skills Competition will be located in Guangdong. Then, on July 15, the "World Youth Skills Day", the first vocational skills competition in Guangdong Province kicked off.

   A wind of skills swept across the land of southern Guangdong, and Guangdong skilled artisans all geared up. Provincial, national and world competitions provide an excellent stage for young craftsmen to show their skills.

"Competing for gold and silver is not the only goal. It is the ultimate goal to cultivate craftsmen from a major country in the new era, to achieve skills and high-quality employment." Yang Hongshan, deputy director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province, pointed out that Guangdong is currently accelerating the establishment of a world championship. , National competition as the main body, provincial competition as the basis of skills competition system, high-quality training of skilled personnel, to meet the needs of the army of high-quality economic development "craftsmen".

   World Tournament inspires youth skills to serve the country

   In August last year, at the award ring ceremony of the closing ceremony of the Kazan World Skills Competition in Russia. When the contestants from China stood on the podium with the bright five-star red flag in their hands, the loud shout of "China! China! China!" shocked the audience.

Tian Zhenji, Hu Gengjun, Zheng Yuhui, Huang Xiaocheng, Zeng Xiangbo... When young craftsmen in Guangdong win the championship on the world stage, not only do they prove themselves with practical actions, but also show the world that Chinese skilled talents strive for excellence. Craftsman spirit.

   The brilliant performance and enthusiasm for serving the country of young craftsmen from Guangdong in the world competition aroused strong resonance in the hearts of young people in Guangdong. Inspire more aspiring young people to strengthen their determination to serve the country with their skills. In fact, with the continuous advancement of the "Guangdong Skilled Workers" project, skill development has become a "fashion" pursuit in the hearts of young people.

   In the health and social care project that ended not long ago, Tang Yun, a student from Guangzhou Technical College, won the first place and will represent Guangdong Province in the national trials held in December. Tang Yun said, "I hope to integrate the Chinese nation's filial piety culture with foreign pension concepts, and to inherit and carry forward the domestic service with unique Chinese characteristics."

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