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Xingli mold to two-color mold leading the industry

Xingli mold to two-color mold leading the industry

Oct 12,2020
Reporter Cao Weiyan correspondent Zhou Ruxin

    With the development of automobile industry, the roughness performance of automobile noise, vibration and sound vibration is highly valued.A sealing strip should be added to the gap between the front door's B-pillar window frame and the back door's B-pillar window frame to improve the sealing surface's resistance to foreign elements entering the cabin.The sealing strip is composed of two kinds of rubber with different materials. How to combine rubber with different properties in production is a technical problem in the industry.
Ningbo Xingli Automobile mould Co., Ltd. is an expert in this field, and independently developed the two-color rotary precision combination molding technology, which solved the production problem.

    "Traditional two-color injection molding process, due to the mold temperature difference is difficult to control, the product forming quality is poor, the splicing surface often appears rough edges.Xingli mold technology Minister Zhang Xuejun told reporters.Aiming at the defects existing in the traditional two-color injection molding process, the r&d team developed the core-pulling self-locking device on the original process, which made the fitting degree of the forming seal strip reach 100%, and the qualified rate of product production jumped from about 70% to 98.5%.This set of device was also awarded as the first (set) product in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry of Ningbo city.

    Before becoming an expert in two-color mold, Xingli mold has experienced many transformation pains.The original enterprises do small household appliances products, due to the saturation of competition in the industry, from 2011 began to transform into auto mold.Wu Rongwu, the general manager, was clueless when he started his new career.Therefore, he began to participate in the exhibition frequently, hoping to learn about the advanced experience of foreign countries through the exhibition.

    In 2011, a German merchant established contact with the company.After 3 years of running in, the customer ordered a set of mould of 500,000 yuan in Xingli mould."At that time, the production process of this mold was very difficult, German customers are very strict with the technical requirements, many of their requirements were not met at the beginning.Wu Rongwu told reporters.To this end, he led the research and development team to study day and night, solve the problem, and finally won the customer's affirmation.After the success of the mold production, not only to improve the overall technical level of the company, but also for the company to open the international market.Today, the customer has become a stable partner of Xingli, most of the time placed orders of 25 million yuan.

    In 2018, wu rongwu decided to switch to high-precision moulds, such as two-color moulds, due to the increasingly thin profits of ordinary injection moulds.Therefore, enterprises pay more attention to r & D capability.The number of full-time r&d teams in the company accounts for about 27% of the total number, and the annual r&d investment alone accounts for about 6% of the annual sales.Nowadays, the annual sales volume of the enterprise has reached about 100 million yuan, among which the two-color mold products have accounted for 15% of the sales volume. Moreover, the enterprise is still developing the international market constantly, and has already set up after-sales outlets abroad.


  Editor: Yuan Huimin Source: Ninghai News Network