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The solution to mold opening vibration of injection molding machine

The solution to mold opening vibration of injection molding machine

Oct 24,2020
The solution to mold opening vibration of injection molding machine
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The lock mode is the most prone to vibration, and the life of the machine for vibration and stability have great influence, when adjusting the lock mode so please note the following items: mould opening slow speed is the speed of mold start, so speed under medium, commonly used slow medium pressure, because when clamping template has a certain amount of deformation to produce clamping force, so the start-up pressure may be appropriately a few bigger, generally around 50%, the slow position depending on the model, generally in the mold to a little bit of position in order to reduce mould opening time and rapid mould.

The speed pressure of fast opening die can be increased to reduce the opening time, but the position of fast opening die and decelerate opening die must be properly separated, because the impact and inertia of fast opening die are relatively large, a certain distance must be taken to eliminate the impact of inertia on the end position of opening die.

But if the distance is too large will extend the die opening time, you can slow down the die opening speed pressure to adjust to a very small, generally around 10-20 as long as you can support the template to overcome the resistance of the least power can be.At the end of the die as far as possible do not have impact rebound phenomenon.Because the acceleration at the moment of the rebound is very large, the wear on the machine hinge is also very large, and the die opening termination position cannot be stabilized in a small range.

The fast clamping speed can be appropriately large to reduce the mold shifting time, but the pressure does not need to be too large, the fast clamping position should be greater than the product thickness, in order to reach the product thickness of the position is to switch to low pressure clamping.The low pressure clamping speed is generally controlled within 30%, and the pressure is generally 0. In order to achieve the purpose of low pressure protection, the die should also be controlled to minimize the resistance of the die spring/slider, etc.