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Plastic mold production process

Plastic mold production process

Mar 26,2020
The process of making plastic mold bai:
Plan review-preparation-processing-mold frame du processing-mold core zhi processing-electrode processing-mold parts processing-inspection-assembly dao-flying mold-trial mold-production.

Details of the process in the production process of plastic molds:
Formwork processing:
Type number
Board processing
Panel processing;
Thimble fixing plate processing;
Floor processing.

Mold core processing:
coarse grinding;
Milling machine processing;
Fitter processing;
CNC rough machining;
Heat treatment
fine grinding;
CNC finishing;
Save mode.

Mold parts processing:
Slider processing;
Compact block processing;
Processing of split cone gate sleeve;
Processing details of insert processing mold base.

1. The numbering should be unified, and the mold core must also be numbered. It should be consistent with the number on the mold frame and the direction. When it is aligned, it is not easy to make mistakes. A
2. A/B board processing (ie, moving and fixed mold frame processing),
a: A/B board processing should ensure that the parallelism and verticality of the mold frame are 0.02mm,
b: Milling machine processing: screw holes, water holes, thimble holes, machine nozzle holes, chamfering c: fitter processing: tapping, trimming burrs. A
3. Panel processing: milling machine processing boring machine nozzle hole or processing nozzle hole. A
4. Processing of fixed plate of thimble: processing of milling machine: thimble plate and B plate are connected with return needle,
B plate face upwards, drill thimble holes from top to bottom, the thimble countersunk needs to turn the thimble plate upside down to correct, first roughing with drill bit, then finishing with milling cutter, chamfering. A
5. Base plate processing: milling machine processing: scribing, correction, boring, chamfering. A
(Note: Some molds need to be pulled and topped with strong topping mechanism, such as drilling screw holes on the thimble plate)

Mold core processing details:

Rough machining fly six sides: machining on a milling machine to ensure verticality and parallelism, with a grinding allowance of 1.2mm
Coarse grinding: large water grinding, first grinding the large surface, clamping the small surface with a batch clamp to ensure that the verticality and parallelism are 0.05mm, and the remaining margin is 0.6-0.8mm on both sides
Milling machine processing: first correct the head of the milling machine to ensure that it is within 0.02mm, correct the compressed workpiece, first process the screw hole, thimble hole, threading hole, thickened countersunk head, machine nozzle or feed nozzle hole, split The chamfer of the cone hole is used as a water hole, and the R angle is milled. A
Locksmithing: tapping, typing code
CNC roughing
External heat treatment HRC48-52
Fine grinding; large water milling process to minus 0.04mm than the mold frame to ensure parallelism and perpendicularity within 0.02mm
CNC finishing
Save the mold, ensure the smoothness, and control the cavity size.
Processing into the gate, exhaust, zinc alloy under normal circumstances gate opening 0.3-0.5mm, exhaust opening 0.06-0.1mm, aluminum alloy gate opening 0.5-1.2mm exhaust opening 0.1-0.2, plastic exhaust opening 0.01 -0.02, try to be wider and thinner5-1.2mm exhaust opening 0.1-0.2, plastic exhaust opening 0.01 -0.02, try to be wider and thinner.