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The trend of change: South China Sea force supports a trillion extensive household industry cluster

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The trend of change: South China Sea force supports a trillion extensive household industry cluster

Issue Time:2020-09-24
The trend of change: South China Sea force supports a trillion extensive household industry cluster
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    At present, Foshan city, Nanhai District to manufacturing high-quality development as the top priority of economic work.The plenary session of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee held in mid-September stressed that all districts and departments should focus on "two new and one heavy", help enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better, and cultivate more invisible champions, high-tech enterprises and leading enterprises of ten billion and one hundred billion.
The plenary session of the South China Sea Regional Committee held on September 21 made it clear that the real economy is the cornerstone for shaping regional development advantages in the South China Sea. We should take the opportunity of the pilot project of integrated development of national advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry to promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and lay a solid foundation for upgrading the industrial base and modernizing the industrial chain.
    Under this background, the south China sea, located in nanhai district, the district party committee ZhengYanShi coordinate with the southern daily to promote manufacturing high quality research, development and launch series promotion planning, around five keywords, manufacturing high quality development depth brush manufacturing high quality the new trend of the development of mining in the south China sea the typical cases of manufacturing high quality development, to comprehensively promote the development of the manufacturing high quality of the south China sea to provide experience for reference.
    Recently, in the 26th China International Furniture Exhibition held in Shanghai, Guangdong Sweet Secret Bedding Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "sweet secret") participated in the exhibition together with dozens of South China Sea furniture enterprises. Its newly developed zero-pollution biodegradable organic mattress is also exhibited in China for the first time.
"This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign exhibitions have been canceled. This is a rare opportunity to show."Sweet secret general manager Huang Shuimu said.
    Manufacturing industry is the foundation of the South China Sea economy. Faced with the uncertainty of economic development under the impact of the epidemic, traditional industries such as the pan-household industry are still the ballast of the South China Sea economy.The 10th Plenary Session of the 12th Foshan Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC) held in September stressed that Foshan should consolidate the industrial foundation, lead the high-end development of the industry with intelligent manufacturing, and enhance the development level of industrial clusters.
    Nanhai district party committee secretary Yan Haobo in nanhai district, foshan city, the communist party of China (the 13th nine plenary meeting for the first time, also said the south China sea will actively promote the development of industry, high-end, continue to strengthen regional development momentum, firmly grasp the manufacturing high quality development the main direction, improve intelligence, high-end industry, gathering the level of development, strengthen and expand the real economy of the south China sea.
In the face of the rapidly changing market situation, Nanhai Pan-household enterprises, while actively transforming and upgrading, are grasping the new market opportunities and exploring the counter-trend way in line with their own needs.
The layout of overseas
Close to the market to provide quality services
    Enter sweet Secret's booth at the 26th China International Furniture Fair, where ornamental plants hang on the walls, making visitors feel like stepping into a forest."Our focus is on the green sleep ecosystem, creating a comfortable sleep scene for our clients."Huang shuimu said.
    The organic mattress on display for the first time in China USES a sponge certified by the CERti-PUR non-toxic certification in the United States and is made of pure natural cotton from Xinjiang.In order to develop and manufacture the organic mattress, Tian secretly sent three people to Xinjiang and Nantong to find a manufacturer who could produce the cotton fabric, which took about a year to prepare.
    In January this year, Sweet secretly took this organic mattress to the exhibition in Cologne, Germany, attracting the attention of exhibitors and has already got the first batch of orders.
Huang Shuimu introduction, because has always insisted on quality first strategy, sweet secret production mattress is implemented both in the domestic market and foreign market global uniform standard, so in the outbreak are not under too big impact, but the grow, June was completed last year's annual target, there will be no less than 100% is expected this year compared to last year turnover growth.
    At present, It mainly focuses on the five markets of the United States, Japan, The United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. In the Amazon of the United States, It is a high-quality supplier with sales volume and evaluation ranking top in the field of bedding. This year, it has also obtained the supply quota of Amazon in Europe, and it is the first Chinese supplier in the field of bedding.
In the opinion of Huang Shuigu, in the future, both European and American customers and Chinese customers will continue to increase their demand for high-quality sleep with the upgrading of consumption, and Sweet Secret will put more energy into the construction of sleep ecology, extend its product line to the fields of pillows, aromatherapy, lighting and so on, and develop a sleeping music APP.
    Considering that the European market is the main market, Sweet Secret is preparing to set up a factory in Europe or become a shareholder of local manufacturers, and directly set up a local team to participate in the production, sales, storage and service, so as to improve the service timeliness and service quality by being closer to the market.
"Mattress products are difficult to form too strong core competitiveness, better understanding of customers, to provide better service, but can form an advantage."Huang shuimu said.
    The incentive to set up a team directly in Europe stems from the success of Sweet Secret in the United States.In 2018, Sweet Secret hired a group of local people to set up customer service and warehousing teams in the United States, which effectively solved the problem of jet lag, achieved smoother communication with customers, and greatly improved service efficiency.
    In the domestic market, on the one hand, Sweet Secret set up a big customer service department this year to provide OEM service for customers such as home stay facilities and hotels.On the other hand, sweet secret increases its investment in B2B e-commerce."In the past, foreign trade mainly depended on exhibitions, but the global epidemic situation is not yet clear. Increasing investment in e-commerce can hedge the risks."Huang shuimu admitted.
Upgrade equipment
Automation to cope with labor shortages
    Since March this year, Foshan Kezhimei Furniture Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Kezhimei"), whose main business is the research and development and production of office chairs and children's study desks and chairs, has witnessed a boom of overseas business. Its overseas sales from January to August have increased by two times compared with the same period last year.
According to Luo Huiping, deputy general manager of The company, this has something to do with the rise of home and office work overseas during the epidemic.In order to prevent and control the epidemic, many offline shops in overseas countries have closed down, and some foreign enterprises provide home-based office subsidies in order to encourage employees to work from home, thus prompting the rigid demand for online home-based office furniture.
    There is no doubt that this online office trend is a market opportunity for The company, which has been building its own brand since 2011 and insists on independent research and development.
    Just last year, The company hired a new group of researchers, and its corporate research and development team grew to more than 50 people, accounting for more than a sixth of the total, covering fields such as electronic information and industrial design."We have the largest research and development team in Asia, by some estimates."Spending on research and development of smart seats this year will also double from last year, Luo said.
    Luo Huiping said, chose to intensify investment in research and development, because the market resources in recent years to industry head enterprises is increasingly concentrated, if do not have the core competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, will (would) lose the living space in the market competition, so to speed up the r&d and production of high-end products become the option, will strive to make enterprises among the head as soon as possible.
    In addition to strengthening the research and development of intelligent seat products, Division Zhimei is also stepping up the automatic transformation of production equipment.
    Last year, The company invested more than 15 million yuan to purchase a batch of mechanical arms. After the installation was completed in January this year, they were put into use in March after a period of debugging. The mechanical arms greatly reduced the burden of workers in handling, laying out, plastic injection machine grasping and other links, and the retention rate of employees also improved.
    "The labor shortage has become more pronounced since the outbreak of the epidemic, and it is necessary to carry out automatic reform as soon as possible."Luo huiping said.
    A robotic arm welds the brackets for a children's learning desk in the Division Wisdom workshop.Contribution from interviewees
A robotic arm welds the brackets for a children's learning desk in the Division Wisdom workshop.Contribution from interviewees
The company's confidence in investing in r&d, innovation and automation is related to the rapid growth of the market for office furniture and children's desks and chairs.
    "Foshan Nanhai District National Manufacturing Industry invisible champion development Evaluation White Paper" proposed, the current furniture industry in the office furniture market scale has exceeded 200 billion yuan, in the past six years, the annual compound growth of about 13%;In the past three years, the market size of children's learning desks and chairs has grown by about 30% annually, and the purchase volume of school furniture has increased by 60% year-on-year in 2019.
    Luo Huiping believes that China, as the largest producer and consumer country, will have an increasing demand for the improvement of office environment in the secondary and tertiary industries in the future. More enterprises will buy high-quality office desks and chairs to improve production efficiency and employee retention, which will bring good news to the manufacturers of office desks and chairs with independent r&d ability.
    To this end, komei is also stepping up the layout of offline sales channels, and continues to carry out marketing activities on Tmall, pinduoduo, douyin and other online shopping platforms as well as cross-border e-commerce.
Native development
Building industrial alliances to promote transformation and upgrading
    As a strong manufacturing area in Nanhai, the pan-household industry has a solid industrial foundation.At present, seven of the region's top ten key industries are closely related to the pan-household industry, with an industrial output value of more than 300 billion yuan, accounting for more than one-third of the region's total industrial output value.
However, the south China Sea pan-household industry has more than 40,000 market entities, including nearly 30,000 enterprises. However, it is still in the state of decentralized development on the whole, with various industries and enterprises fighting on their own, lacking systematic coordination and collaborative development. The overall development level of the industry still needs to be improved, and the overall brand influence is insufficient.
    For this reason, Nanhai officially launched the construction of Nanhai Pan-household Industry Alliance in May this year, and proposed to build a service system of pan-household industry alliance that explores and constructs "one center and four platforms", so as to promote the effective transformation and upgrading of local traditional household enterprises and achieve high-quality development.According to the plan, South China Sea will strive to become an internationally important pan-household industrial base, striving to achieve the total industrial output value of pan-household industry to exceed 500 billion yuan by 2025.
    Under the coordination of Nanhai Federation of Industry and Commerce, nearly 40 Nanhai Pan-household enterprises organized a group to participate in Amazon Global Store Opening Cloud Forum and Direct Shopping Conference in August, attracting more than 40,000 buyers to view online and more than 350,000 clicks and views, effectively guiding enterprises to understand the way of cross-border e-commerce cooperation and stimulating the vitality of market players.
"The south China Sea pan-household Industry Alliance is both far-sighted and necessary."Lu Yang, public relations manager of Lin's wood industry brand, believes that Nanhai has a profound industrial foundation in the field of pan-household, and the construction of pan-household industry alliance is conducive to the integration of advantages and the development of the entire industrial cluster.
    Now, a number of South China Sea household leading enterprises have also embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading, to play a leading role in the industry.
On the 2020 top 100 enterprises of foshan foshan d is furniture manufacturing co., LTD., foshan branch to carry out the strategic cooperation with China unicom, new technology application, both sides around 5 g and 5 g command factory building, covering industrial robot, mechanical arm control, AGV scheduling, industrial production line, machine vision, AR auxiliary operation, asset location tracking, 5 g edge cloud and so on several aspects.
    Located in nanhai jiujiang lam wood industry in planning the event marketing for many times, this year in their clinging to the live with cargo tuyere with eu, liu tao head web celebrity cooperation, and cultivate team in taobao studio and trill broadcast live on live with goods, promote the online resources complementary, and guide consumers to new retail stores to offline feel lam wood industry brand concept and product charm.