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Basic knowledge of injection mold

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Basic knowledge of injection mold

Issue Time:2020-11-18
Mold Overview:
   The phrase "mold is the mother of industry" is already familiar to everyone. The importance of molds is increasingly recognized by people, and great progress has been made in mold design and mold manufacturing technology.
   The innovation of mold processing technology, the wide application of various new mold materials, the standardization and specialization of mold parts, etc., have forced us to design faster and adapt to the development of molds more quickly.
   The increase in speed requires the design section to be completed in about 3 days; the accuracy improvement requires that the processing methods of each part should be considered clearly in the design process, and the high-precision and low-cost processing methods should be used as much as possible.
   The increase in accuracy and speed is consistent. The increase in speed will inevitably require an increase in accuracy; the increase in accuracy will inevitably lead to an increase in speed.
Sidewall latent glue feeding mechanism
Thimble latent glue feeding mechanism

Embedded parts injection mechanism
  Hot runner system
Sleeve ejection mechanism
Three-plate mold, needle point glue, sleeve ejection mechanism
The internal thread automatically unscrews the demoulding mechanism
Hub hook mechanism
Inclined top inner hook mechanism
Work flow of injection molding machine
Outer hook mechanism of slider
Basic structure of plastic mold
  According to the overall functional structure, plastic molds can be divided into: guiding system, supporting system, molding parts system, pouring system, cooling system, ejection system, exhaust system.
  Definition: The plastic flow channel in the mold from the nozzle of the injection machine to the cavity. It is composed of main runner, runner, gate and making hole.