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Kostar fully automatic semi-automatic blow molding machine specifications

Kostar fully automatic semi-automatic blow molding machine specifications

Nov 24,2020
COSTAR fully automatic semi-automatic blow molding machine specifications
COSTARIs a collection of research and development, production, sales, as one of the plastic packaging machinery and plastic hollow products professional manufacturers.Main business scope: automatic plastic bottle blowing machine, PET bottle blowing machine, high barrier extruder and other series of bottle blowing machinery, supporting blow molding mould and plastic hollow products.The company has a group of team spirit, experienced production, research and development personnel and enthusiastic service personnel, ready to provide customers with high quality blow molding hollow molding machine, to meet the needs of different customers.Adhering to the "pioneering and innovative, endless, excellence, the pursuit of perfection" business philosophy, committed to constantly explore new markets, research and development of new technologies, new products, keep pace with the development of the plastic packaging industry, to make contributions to the revitalization of national industry.Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business.

Is bound to affect more plastic hollow blow molding products, enterprise development and restructuring, the new model of hollow blow molding machine manufacturer also can bring more opportunities and development opportunities, in some chemical group within the company, because the packing of the enterprise, is also planning or the establishment of a related packaging production enterprises, such as some lube oil production enterprises, the establishment of a large-scale packaging barrels production factory.There are also large enterprises internal turnover of the use of blow molding tray, in recent years, many chemical groups began to set up mainly to meet the group needs of their own blow molding tray production plants.This mode of strengthening the supporting production within the group enterprise is still in further development, and it also provides opportunities and guarantees for the group enterprise to reduce logistics costs and improve the employment level of internal personnel. This development trend deserves close attention of some packaging production enterprises.Adjust your strategy early.With the further deepening and development of the civil-military integration strategy, many dual-use blow molding products are also in the research and development.

Injection blow-molding machine produced plastic container size accurate, no secondary processing, but the mold cost is higher.Special structure blow-molding machine is a blow-molding machine with sheet, molten material and cold billet as billet with special shape and use.Due to the different shape and requirements of the products produced, the structure of the blow-molding machine is also different.The hollow blow molding machine can be divided into continuous hollow blow molding machine and intermittent hollow blow molding machine according to the different discharging ways.
Continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machine, namely by the extruder continuous extrusion tube blank.Its advantage is: molding equipment is simple, less, easy to operate, is the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises generally adopted by the basic molding method.The production process of continuous extrusion blow molding method includes reciprocating, rotating discharge and rotating disc.Reciprocating continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machine, the billet is extruded continuously by the extruder. When the billet is long enough, the blow molding mold is moved from the blow molding and cooling station to the lower part of the machine head to close the mold and clamp the billet, and then moved back to the blow molding station.The two moulds on the left and right under the nose reciprocate to ensure the continuity of the production process.

Hollow blow molding electrical automatic control system of electric automatic control system for the development of large-scale hollow blow molding machine mainly consists of PLC, touch screen and peripheral electrical equipment, so as to realize the program machine, hydraulic servo system, temperature control system, the hydraulic system, extrusion machine equipment, mixing system, automatic feeding system and waste recycling crushing system of comprehensive control.In the electrical automation control system of large-scale bottle blowing machine, the main controller mostly USES PLC, while the display and the modification of data and parameters (human-machine interface) mostly USES touch screen.As blowing hollow extruding machine is one of the core technology of parison automatic closed-loop control technology by the United States, Austria, barbour a exam man bei Calais a handful of companies such as monopoly, for domestic manufacturers only the parison wall thickness of a single device or PLC, servo control system, the technical core are layers of encryption, domestic manufacturers can only passive use, unable to form a comprehensive control system according to their own characteristics, and the above system is very expensive ($10000 or more).

Rotating discharge type continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machine, in the front of the extruder using a reversing valve to control the flow of melt, melt rotation through the extruder on both sides of the billet extrusion head, to achieve continuous production.Rotating disc continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machine, extruder continuous extrusion billet, after the billet is clamped by the mold, around the axis of the rotary plate to the blowing, cooling, die opening and product removal station, to achieve the process of continuous.Blow mold can also be set according to the horizontal rotary table.The automatic hollow blow molding machine loses some functions in a short period of time. It can be restored with a little repair and adjustment without changing parts.Permanent failure.

Besides, the level of service and the quality of service on the reputation of blow-molding machine manufacturing enterprises is long-term, only the stable customer base is the fundamental survival of blow-molding machine manufacturing enterprises, is worth causing blow-molding machine manufacturers to attach great importance to.Research on the Development of The Closing Mechanism of the Blow molding Machine The main function of the closing mechanism of the hollow blow molding machine is to fix the blow molding mould so that the plastic billet can be rapidly formed into blow molding products in the mould.The mould closing mechanism should have the following functions: the mould opening and closing can be fast or slow, and the four-opening mould opening and closing can be up and down;Can realize the expansion of plastic billet, pre - clamping and blowing, high - pressure mold locking, low - and high - pressure blowing molding products, safety door opening and closing, as well as the rapid change of mold.In recent years, the mould closing mechanism of large hollow bottle blowing machine is developing towards energy saving.In the early stage of its structure, the four-plate hydraulic direct action type is mostly used, but now the hydraulic energy-saving four-tie bar three-plate linkage type and the more advanced oblique symmetric two-tie bar three-plate linkage type are widely used.