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Fierce competition in the injection molding machine market

Fierce competition in the injection molding machine market

Dec 18,2020
Fierce competition in the injection molding machine market
According to the prospectus, according to the "China Plastics Machinery Industry Statistical Yearbook 2019" data, the market size of my country's injection molding machine industry from 2017 to 2019 was 21.875 billion yuan, 22.686 billion yuan and 23.302 billion yuan, and the company's domestic sales revenue of injection molding machines was 4.15. The domestic market shares were 1.90%, 1.70%, and 1.74%, respectively. In the next few years, my country's injection molding equipment market is expected to show a growth trend, and the growth rate is expected to reach 2%-3%.

Borch Intelligence stated that in the field of injection molding equipment, the company’s competitors are mainly domestic and foreign high-end injection molding machine manufacturers and service providers, including Austrian Engel, Germany’s KraussMaffei, Germany’s Arburg, and Japan’s FANUC Such multinational companies, as well as well-known domestic companies such as Haitian International, Chen Hsong Group, Yizumi, and Terry Machinery, compete in both domestic and overseas markets.

   Bochuang Intelligence stated that the aforementioned competitors currently have advantages in corporate scale and financing capabilities. Once market competition intensifies, the company’s product market share and gross profit margin may be adversely affected.

The data shows that during the reporting period (2017 to 2019 and January to June 2020), the gross profit margin of Borch Intelligence’s main business was 32.74%, 30.14%, 32.17% and 28.24%, showing volatility; attributable to the parent The net profits of the owners of the company were RMB 50,765,200, RMB 52,561,500, RMB 63,035,600 and RMB 31,026,600 respectively.

   During the reporting period, the company’s export revenue accounted for 34.77%, 42.20%, 42.66% and 37.57% of the current main business revenue, respectively. The company’s business was greatly affected by changes in the international trade environment.

According to the prospectus, the market concentration of my country's injection molding equipment industry is very low. Haitian International has the largest business scale, occupying about 30% of the domestic market. Its domestic sales revenue in 2018 and 2019 is 7.311 billion yuan and 6.173 billion yuan. Others are the same. The market share of industry competitors does not exceed 5%, and market competition is fierce.

The large inventory balance of Borch Intelligent is mainly because the company reserves a certain amount of raw materials and inventory goods in order to improve order response speed, shorten delivery time and improve delivery efficiency; at the same time, as the number of customers and orders increases, the inventory balance is stored Increase year by year. From the end of 2017 to the end of June 2020, the book value of the company's inventory was 234,040,900 yuan, 249,556,400 yuan, 281,115,600 yuan, and 309,185,500 yuan, accounting for 39.52%, 34.31%, 35.47%, and 39.20% of current assets.